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Heath Roberts grew up in northern Indiana a hunting and fishing farm kid. At 15 he fell in love with cars, race cars in particular and built his first race car. He always says 'I traded horses for horse power'. Since then he has built and raced all kinds of cars on all kinds of tracks. Heath is always willing to help a friend with a race car or  teaching their kids about race cars and racing. Heath's previous work experience taught him all about fabrication, engineering, heating, cooling, race cars, welding, machinery, mechanics, etc, the knowledge that led him to start Fasttimes Fabrication.  

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Fasttimes Fabrication is a locally owned and operated fabrication business located in Etna Green Indiana which was founded by Heath Roberts in the fall of 2006.  Fasttimes Fabrication is a custom sheet metal shop that does it all: forming, cutting, rolling, designing and welding.  As Heath always says "we build a lot more than just race cars".  

Custom Made Hood
Indoor Custom Fire Pit
CNC Plasma Machine 
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